Year: 2015
Location: Berlin, Germany
Service phases: Preliminary Design
Program: Office, Housing, Hotel, Retail, Gastronomy
Area: ca.75.000m²
Team: Christoph Langhof, Claudia Quester,
Tobias Hörning, Martin Lukac

The Hardenberg

Sustainable Tower of Clean Energy

Therefore, the proposed skyscraper at the northern end of Hardenbergplatz is a significant project for both the city and the environment. We are excited to witness how this innovative building will enhance the city’s skyline and set new standards for sustainable energy supply in the construction industry.

Berlin Hardenberg
Berlin Hardenberg
Berlin Hardenberg

Sustainability by design

The proposed skyscraper at the Hardenbergplatz is set to impress not only with its striking design and multifunctional features, but also with its sustainability. The building’s façade will be equipped with photovoltaic panels that generate clean energy and contribute to the power supply of the skyscraper. These panels will be integrated into every element of the façade, making the building a unique and sustainable construction.

Furthermore, a small wind farm will be installed at the top of the tower, which will also contribute to the power supply of the skyscraper. Consisting of several small wind turbines, the wind farm will feed the energy generated directly into the grid.

Through these innovative technologies, the planned skyscraper will become not only a new landmark of the city, but also an important step towards sustainable energy supply. It will serve as a model for other buildings in the city and around the world that focus on sustainable energy sources, thereby reducing their ecological footprint.

Berlin Hardenberg