Year: 2019-2020
Location: Berlin, Germany
Service phases: Preliminary Design
Program: Gallery, Art Storage, Office, Workshop
Area: ca.9.000m²
Team: Christoph Langhof, Claudia Quester,
Kyrylo Sledz, Sadaf Ahadi

Gallery in the Sky

Art Campus at Fasanenplatz

On the site of the former Joachimsthaler Gymnasium at Fasanenplatz in Berlin, a gallery building is to be constructed as part of an overall complex. Large parts of the gymnasium’s grounds were damaged or destroyed during the war. Some of these were rebuilt or supplemented with other buildings, significantly altering the original character of the entire complex.

However, the “footprint” of the former complex on the site is still clearly traceable and forms the basis for the design idea. The planned gallery building is based on the dimensions of the historical footprint and continues the story, while the height development of the new building cube follows contemporary requirements.

Fasanenplatz Gallery
Fasanenplatz Gallery
Fasanenplatz Gallery

Future of art and culture

The Magic of the Art Campus at Fasanenplatz In the heart of the bustling metropolis of Berlin, a visionary project arises, honoring the memory of the historic Joachimsthaler Gymnasium while welcoming the future of art and culture. The Art Campus at Fasanenplatz emerges like a phoenix from the ashes, transforming the past into an oasis of creativity and encounter. At the heart of this project is the gallery building, whose architecture follows the traces of the historic footprint, albeit with a contemporary height development. A symphony of light and shadow celebrating the dance between past and present. The planned measures weave a web of change and renewal that enriches both the surroundings and the people it touches: The parking deck, once a silent witness to past days, gives way to new, inspiring construction measures. The building cubes of the gallery building shine as a harmonious bridge connecting the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Anlage with the Campus Park. A lush garden landscape unfolds, a green lung inviting you to linger and dream. The Bar Jeder Vernunft, a meeting place, finds its new home near Schaperstraße. The delivery yard for the Festspielhaus awakens, enlarged, to new life and simplifies the coming and going. The main university building blooms in new splendor, blending additional space and supplements into a harmonious unity. A magnificent outdoor plaza shines as a lively meeting point, a stage for outdoor cultural events, uniting young and old, students and visitors of the gallery building and the Berlin Festival of the University of the Arts. The Art Campus at Fasanenplatz, a beacon of art and culture, satisfies the longing for beauty and encounter.

Fasanenplatz Gallery