Year: 2018-2019
Location: Berlin, Germany
Service phases: Preliminary Design
Program: Office, Retail, Restaurant, Hotel, Housing
Area: ca.36.000m²
Team: Christoph Langhof, Claudia Quester,
Kyrylo Sledz, Sadaf Ahadi, Peng Lee


Sustainable revitalization

Over time, the Huthmacherhaus has undergone many changes and, regrettably, its splendor has noticeably faded. Our mission is to create a design for this symbolic building that goes beyond merely preserving its original appearance. The revitalization of this landmark in a contemporary form combines post-war architecture with the high demands of the present.


Future proof

Although the original shape will largely be preserved and remain discernible, the building will now have a height of approximately 100 meters and span 26 floors. The office spaces will offer optimal working conditions with a high level of comfort, making them ideal for the creative and successful business world surrounding the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz. A publicly accessible urban balcony with an adjoining bar will become a crowd magnet, and the new Huthmacherhaus will be a destination for both businesses and visitors. Moreover, an attractive conference and lounge area with a rooftop terrace will be available to the offices.

To cover a significant portion of its energy needs, white solar elements will be integrated into the facade and wind turbines placed on the roof. Intelligent energy concepts will additionally help to significantly reduce the building’s energy demand.

Due to the handling of the historic monument, the building ensemble, the surroundings, and the prevailing conditions at the location, the revitalization of the Huthmacherhaus represents a complex project. Studio LANGHOF® has therefore invested the utmost attention and care in the renaissance of this building to create substantial added value for its users and guests. Similar to its predecessor, the new Hatmaker House will serve as a landmark of City West and be an asset to all of Berlin.