Year: 2020-2021
Location: Berlin, Germany
Service phases: Preliminary Design
Program: Office, Bar
Area: ca.30.000m²
Team: Christoph Langhof, Claudia Quester,
Kyrylo Sledz, Sadaf Ahadi, Sarath Saitongin

Nature is coming back

Future of office spaces

In the midst of the noise and bustle of a lively city, an office building awakens to new life, as if Mother Nature had put all her power into it. Under the motto “Nature is coming back to the city,” this special place draws its visitors and employees into a magical world where the green of the jungle merges with the urban landscape.

Peek & Cloppenburg
Peek & Cloppenburg
Peek & Cloppenburg

Garden of Eden

In this enchanted refuge, where plants and flowers bloom in their full splendor, butterflies dance in the soft light and other flying creatures float through the air. A symphony of nature, recreated by the rustling of the wind, the babbling of the water, and the melodies of the birds, envelops the senses and leads to a world of harmony and peace.

Employees wander through this wonderful Garden of Eden, surrounded by fascinating plants and flowers that, like a green ribbon, encircle their workspaces. In this atmosphere of beauty and harmony with nature, a source of inspiration springs forth, touching the soul and mind, transforming work into a sensual experience.

Both employees and visitors traveling through this idyllic paradise are enveloped by the delicate fragrances of flowers and the enchanting sounds of nature. Thus, an oasis of calm and serenity is born, where everyday life fades into the distant future, and the heart of nature beats in time with the big city.

Peek & Cloppenburg